Business Articles

This collection of articles have been written by John Eakins, a member of SCORE Chapter 406. Many of these articles have been published in the Southeast Business Journal (SBJ), Rochester, Minnesota. It is our hope that you find the information beneficial to your business.

(While these articles are based on work supported by the U.S. Small Business Administration, the views expressed are not necessarily those of the SBA.)

Choosing the right business (how to choose; what to consider; do what you like)

Organizing yourself and the business (legal form; structure; delegate; focus; BP)
Finding money: loans (loans; grants; venture capitalists; partners; shares)
Attracting customers: marketing (customers; competition; selling; ads; Mkt Plan)
Running the business (practically anything that doesn’t fit elsewhere)
Building the bottom line: revenues & accounts (revenue, profit, cash flow)
Making customers happy: customer service
Creating a happy workplace (ways to make a great place to work)
Using the internet & a website


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